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Tony & Amy Jackson

Tony & Amy Jackson

Welcome to Secure Legacy Financial Group

Welcome to Secure Legacy  Financial Group

Tony and Amy Jackson have been serving others together for more than 30 years. We started by helping others with life insurance, Final Expense Insurance, Health Insurance and Medicare plans. Over time, we have grown in our expertise in the rapidly growing field of Legacy and Advanced Planning strategies. Our office is in Beaumont and we serve clients all over the Inland Empire and southern California.  Give us a call today at: 909-316-3858

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Update

Secure Legacy Financial is OPEN during the quarantine. We will continue to serve you by phone and Skype or Zoom (if necessary).

The #1 Question Clients are Asking us is... "Can I still purchase life insurance during the outbreak?"

The answer is "YES!" While some forms of life insurance may require additional time to underwrite, some life insurance can be issued the same day with only a few health questions. This kind of life insurance is often called "Final Expense Life Insurance" and is designed to pay for final expenses, such as funeral expenses.

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Discover Powerful Strategies to Build and Protect Your Legacy.

Your Life. Your Legacy!

At Secure Legacy Financial Group, we are are committed to helping you build a strong financial foundation and a wall around your estate. We can help you  protect your family and safeguard your legacy. Legacy planning combines investing with secure and safe products that  build your wealth, protect your estate and leave a lasting legacy for your those you love and cherish.

Grow It

The secret of growing wealth has been known for ages. After the Great Depression, our parents and grandparents re-discovered the secret. After losing everything, they learned the secret of wealth is aggressive saving and living within their means. The greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffet said his number one rule of investing is "don't lose money." His number two rule? See rule number one.

Guard It

In the Middle Ages, they built big walls around their castles, 8 feet thick and 30 feet tall. Why did they do that? Didn't they build those walls to keep out bad people and to protect the people inside? Today, everyone wants to take your estate. Everyone wants what you have. Taxes, inflation, volatility and lots of other scary stuff. It's not enough to build it, you've got to protect it.

Give It Away

No one wants to leave money behind, where it may be unappreciated and even  squandered. So why not leave a legacy instead? With proper legacy planning, you can establish opportunities for your heirs (or even your favorite charity) that may last for generations to come. How would you like to control your money from the grave? With rightly structured legacy planning, you can do that!

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3 Easy Steps to Grow a Legacy That Will Last!

Smarter Not Harder Guide to Retirement

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